Mr. Fog

Introducing yet another bombshell of a disposable vape, the Mr. Fog Max Air Disposable Vape is sure to deliver the blast of flavor and performance that you've been hoping for. While it is a temporary device that you can call your own, the Max Air Disposable by Mr. Fog delivers unbelievable features that make it to the highest tier when it comes to disposable devices.

What are Mr. Fog Max Air Disposables? The Mr. Fog Max Air Disposable Vape are devices that have a disposable design, yet feature blistering performance, a range of features, the most delicious tastes, and you can enjoy as many as 3000 puffs. The device is lightweight, small, and ultra-portable, making it a breeze to use, and stow away when not in use. It boasts a cylindrical design, giving the capability of housing an integrated 1100mAh battery and an 8mL vape juice capacity, which consists of 2% (20mg) tobacco-free nicotine. Along with an anti-leak all-in-one design, you can expect several features that will allow you to enjoy enhanced flavor and vapor, such as adjustable airflow control and a mesh coil, which is the vaping industry's latest coil technology.